Ever since I became pregnant with Thomas back in November of 2011, my nose has been Enemy #1. Seriously. Do you know what I’m talking about? Well, if you don’t…let me fill you in. Pregnancy hormones ruined me forever. I smell EVERYTHING!

So what happens you ask to cause such a thing? Who in the world truly knows why this phenomenon occurs more for some than others? I am not sure of the full physiological workup of this travesty, but I do know that for some of us, our body rebels against the world and makes us feel like we’ve become hound dogs. I have literally been able to smell things from: gas leaks that are barely noticeable to our gas company’s monitors…I know, that is good, to my dog’s rear end two rooms away. Not so good.

Therefore, with such an in tune sniffer, these days, I am incredibly conscious of all things stink related. That’s why I have become a big fan of face products that smell like roses, bathroom fragrances that mask undesired experiences, and perfumes that aren’t overbearing. Check out the Schlist or the links below to find things that may make your lives a little easier, and you’re welcome in advance for making your life smell a little more like roses. And for those of you who suffer my same affliction…I truly am sorry. It stinks!

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