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If you know me, you know that I am a pure sucker for entertaining, and this Thanksgiving was no different. Except it was…completely different! This year was the first year that I hosted a Thanksgiving meal as a newly single woman, and I have to say that I rocked it! At least as much as I could rock it.

Let’s start with the fact that I am a perfectionist. I can’t help it. It’s in my gene pool. If you saw my mother’s house, you’d understand. She’d make the military proud with her perfectly straight sheets every day on the bed, the dust free surfaces, and the beautifully displayed collectibles that are neither cheasy nor obnoxiously displayed. They are just…artfully and perfectly displayed. So, with all that, I was just born into a recipe for Type-A madness.

So, this year, single and ready to prove that I can do it all without stressing…I planned out my strategy. First of all, this wasn’t my first trip around the block. I’ve hosted a number of events in the past, so I knew what had to be done. Dog poop cleanup? Check. Couch steam cleaning to remove obnoxious dog scent? Check…and yes, I know Febreeze would’ve probably done the trick BUT…I warned you! Drinks purchased, food ordered, seating planned out? Check, check and check. So…how could I ease my burden since I didn’t really have a backup live-in grunt worker? Easy….AMAZON!

So, Amazon proved to be my best friend this holiday season, as it has many times in the past. I used it to order my plates (check out our Schlist), cutlery, and napkins. I also used Amazon Prime Now to keep me from having to go to Target the night before, when I forgot to get that stupid steam cleaner fluid that I just HAD TO HAVE, to cover my OCD tendencies.

So, the night before Thanksgiving, I was able to easily take all my to-do items, and cross them off one by one. I setup my tables, steam cleaned the couch, arranged the flowers, vacuumed the floors, put away the mail stacks, etc…all so that I wouldn’t wake up stressing. When all was said and done, I went to bed…completely exhausted, no lie, but I felt like I championed my prep work, and as I mentioned in my Moms’ Show Facebook Video, I had given myself some grace where things weren’t perfect. (I did NOT dust, nor mop. That’s a win for me folks. Truly.)

When Thanksgiving arrived, I woke up like I normally do, and finished the few remaining things needed to, and was ready when our family arrived. I even had on makeup, my hair was fixed, and Thomas was wearing pants! I know…PANTS! Talk about the ultimate mom win in this house!

Our dinner was wonderful, our bellies were filled, and as is tradition for us, we went around the table each sharing what we considered to be our biggest blessings of the past year. Mine was my family and friends who lifted me up this past year, as Thomas and I adjusted to our new norm. I realized at that moment that giving myself grace for any imperfections on this holiday hosting was totally worth it, because ultimately I enjoyed the love that our family unconditionally shared, and always shares. That in itself, proved to be more than enough, and the greatest thing worth paying attention to for the holiday. And that my friends, truly rocks this single mom’s life. Happy Holidays!