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We love things. Shannon and Liz-type things. Schlist things! Pretty. Neat. Useful….You get the idea. Things that don’t stink!

Check out our favorite items for every day, and special occasions. The best part is that you can order anything directly off of our list! You don’t have to search high and low to find them. You’re welcome!

P.S. Just go ahead and send this to your significant other right now…

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Health & Beauty

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Glamcor RIKI SKINNY Mirror

The first, last and only mirror/light you’ll ever want or need on your vanity. Shannon uses this for all professional makeup work, and recommends it to all of her clients. The light is adjustable from super bright to almost not existent, to make sure you are covered for all occasions, night or day.

Mario Badescu Rose-Water

Spritz on before your moisturizer!
Smells amazing, and helps to smooth on face creams evenly. Shannon says to be sure to love on your neck too!

Elta MD Tinted Moisturizer

Great SPF…Dermatologist recommended. Even helps to even out Liz’s skin tone, and doesn’t cause breakouts for her like other creams.

Bare Metals Eye Color Collection

We love looking our best, especially for parties! Use these shades for day to day wear, or when you are getting ready to get FANCY! Professional grade cosmetics with high-pigmented formulas mean you’ll be looking the same when you leave as you did when you showed up. Only having to put on makeup once?! Mom win!

Classified Brush Collection

Shannon loves some great, quality brushes, that evenly place makeup and that last. Here they are! The Classified Brush Collection. Love. Love. Love.

Perfect Eyeliner Pen

Ok. Eyeliner. Let’s be honest…it’s not the easiest thing to get right, and once you do…does it stay in place? With this Eyeliner Pen, it will! This pen formula is non-smudge, and the point is perfect to get a thin line, or larger, whatever you prefer. Line On ladies!

L’Oreal Revitalift Serum

Great night love for your face. Smells delightful, and helps to make skin super soft. Bye, bye wrinkles!

Crest 3d White 2-Step Toothpaste

Need quick whitening, but don’t want strips or to go to the dentist? Liz loves this toothpaste. Use 2-3 days before an event for a nice shine boost.


Ok, if you don’t think you need this, either you have another solution, are kidding yourself, don’t have kids, or never have people of the “male” gender in your home. Just order some already! For the rest of us…

Home Strep Tests

We aren’t doctors, but we sure love the idea of using these at home in conjunction with online doctor support. Use these at your own risk, and please know that you should always consult with a doctor prior to doing so.

Dr. Mom Otoscope

Get a general feel for what’s going on before you rush to the Dr. This otoscope comes with a guide, and is pretty too! Dr. Mom to the rescue!

Thermi Paq Hot/Cold Pack

Liz swears by this hot/cold pack! Cramps? Greatest heating pad ever! Migraine? Not a problem! Stick the clay pack in the microwave for just a few seconds, and poof…you have heat for a long time. Plus, if you need long term cold relief, this also doubles for that. “I am always totally bummed when I am away from home, and don’t have this with me.” ~Liz

Olly: Goodbye Stress

Goodbye to stress! These moms love these gummies!!! Especially during the holidays…just saying.

Revlon Kiss Balm

Liz doesn’t wear a lot of lipstick, and this is the perfect way to get great color without feeling like you’re overdosing on color. This keeps lips super soft, plus it tastes great! As Liz says, it’s like the lip balm that you used as a child. Love it!!!

Revlon Insta-Blush

This is one of the greatest blushes I’ve ever owned…Easy to put on, very blendable, and it lasts! I love that when this goes on, I have an instant glow that isn’t too bright and cheery, more sun-kissed and healthy. Do it! ~Liz

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Day to Day

Occasions Premium Plates

Love to entertain, but hate doing the dishes afterwards? These plates look like real china, embellished with a gorgeous gold rim, but can be trashed after everyone leaves. Mom win!

Cutlerex Premium Gold Plastic Cutlery

Compliment the pretty gold rimmed plates with these awesome gold plastic utensils. They are sturdy, and shine like the real stuff, yet again, you can throw them away! Liz doesn’t like dishes…

Clean Cubes Disposable Trash Bins

The PERFECT solution for having trash cans that aren’t ugly, all over your party to make cleanup that much easier. They come in 3-packs, and easily tie up when full for fast chunking in trash bins. A MUST have for parties!

Pursfection Organizer

We love having different purses to match our outfits, but changing them out is a pain! If you love alternating between faves, this expandable organizer makes shuffling from one to the next a breeze.

Gift Wrap Organizer-Part 1 of 2

Liz is an organizing freak when it comes to wrapping paper. This over the door hanger is amazing for keeping papers, bows, ribbons, etc. organized and neat. Complimented by the Part 2 item…you’ll feel like Mrs. Claus on every gift occasion!

Gift Bag Organizer-Part 2 of 2

Complimenting Liz’s favorite listed above, this 2-sided door hanging organizer takes control of gift bags for all occasions. Liz uses one side from Christmas and the other for all other celebratory needs.

LED Oil Diffuser

This diffuser is so much fun. It has 7 colors from which you can choose to light up a room, or you can just let them cycle. Use it with your favorite oils, and make your home smell amazing! (Mom Bonus: Makes a great night light!)

Keurig 2.0

Coffee…coffee…more coffee. Mom’s need coffee and GOOD coffee to survive (most of us at least), and this machine delivers. Plus, it has the capacity for brewing a carafe as well! Get it…order it…a must have!

Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings

These pants Shannon wore 5 days in a row! They are hot stuff, hold in your tush perfectly, and look awesome with tunics, booties and infinity scarves. Totally worth the SPLURGE! Did we mention they are from SPANX? Enough said…

Ellen Ashton Photography

Amazing photography from an amazing woman. Holiday portraits? Done. Milestone photos? Check. Bridal? Baby? Anniversary? Seniors? Got it, got it, got it and done! Contact Ellen today, and make sure to tell her the Moms’ Show sent you!

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Adult Time

Fun & Games

LED Sneakers

We won’t spend a lot on shoes for our kids, because they won’t fit in 2 months! These shoes are fun & well priced. Charge them, then watch your kiddos light up when they can pick the LED light combo they love!


We love this game! It’s lots of old-school fun, and easy cleanup. Plus, it’s inexpensive. Fun for the whole family. Just be sure to keep the marbles in a baggie, or you might be in trouble in a few weeks…

Explore the Human Body Book

This might be the COOLEST book ever! Every page flipped reveals a new part of the human body & all of the systems that make it work. From circulatory to nervous…this is guaranteed to intrigue and gross out your whole family.

Philips Kids Headphones

Want a headset for your young ones so you don’t have to hear that game for the 100th hour? But need something that you won’t care if it gets torn apart? This is a great solution. Fairly tough, and inexpensive! Love them.

Globber 3-Wheel Scooter

Liz got this scooter for her son when he was 3, and it was one of the greatest presents ever! It doesn’t fall over when not being held, and the wheels promise a super smooth ride. After the first 30 minutes, he was riding like a pro!

Razor A3 Kick Scooter

This is the next level scooter, for the bigger kids. Liz got this scooter for T now that he’s 5, and he loves it! Again, a very smooth ride, and this is heavy duty enough and expandable so that he can grow with it. Mommy even loves to ride on it!

Schwinn Boy’s 12′ Grit Bike

We don’t know about you, but teaching kiddos to ride a bike is not only stressful, but can be a royal pain as you have to lean over and push. This bike takes that bit out, and helps you to push, AND steer the bike if necessary to get your littles up and peddling. Much more fun and less stress induced for everyone. Liz got this when her son was 3.

RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Bike

Once your kiddo is too big for the other bike recommended, this bike is an awesome next step without breaking the bank. It was EASY to put it together for T’s 5th birthday party, and he loved it from the get-go. Just make sure to get a helmet to go with it!

Bell Spider-Man Helmet

Honestly, Liz got this for T with his bike, because she thought it was pretty cool and wanted one for herself. This helmet is very comfortable, covers the head well, and looks awesome with the mohawk spikes! All the kiddos will want to wear it while being safe in the process.

Moon In My Room

This light makes nighttime fun and bedtime a little easier. You can select from multiple moon phases and leave it on your favorite, or let it cycle through all of them automatically. We love this light!

Gas Out Game

This game is lots of fun for everyone, moms included. Take turns pressing the funny gas guy as many times as your cards dictate, and see who causes the actual game ending eruption. If you’re not just a little bit amused by this game, we don’t know what to tell you…We dig it because it’s funny, fast, and doesn’t require a stupid amount of cleanup.

7-Pack of Fidget Spinners

So, we might just have a problem with fidget spinners. We call them our kid’s generation’s version of collector cars, or trading cards. Probably to justify the problem we have where we just…won’t…stop…buying them! This kit is full of fun metal ones. Spin them, stack them, see how long they’ll go. Just have fun! You kiddo will love these!

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Adult Time

Whiskey Freezing Glasses

These cups are insulated with a BPA free cooling gel that helps keep your favorite cocktail nice and cool, and not watered down. Makes for an awesome gift too for the true mixologist!

Handheld Pepper Spray

The PERFECT gift for the outdoor enthusiast, who like to be out alone. This pepper spray fits right in the palm of your hand, and the wrap keeps it from falling off while running. Staying safe is smart!

Dreams Drop Bath Light

Want some fun time in the bath? Set the mood with this water activated bath light. Or, just use it for some much needed quiet mom-bath-time. If that’s possible…

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